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Contribute to LanguageTrav.com

LanguageTrav.com wants to give every visitor the opportunity to contribute to the contents of the site. These may include improvements, proof-reading, or adding entire new sections to the site. You can also play a part, carefully read the guidelines below.

Why contribute?
Our content should not be based on what we find interesting, but on what our visitors find interesting. Therefore we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to make a contribution to this site. Such a contribution may focus on languages, which is the primary focus of the site, but it could also focus on other related topics with a much broader range, such as countries, culture, travel experiences, or even the weather. Contributing to our website would also allow you to share your knowledge with others, and if desired have your name published as the author.

Hot topics
Our main focus is languages. Therefore we are continuously looking for content which will enrich our language sections. For example, you may want to add content for an existing language, or you may want to see a new language added to our website.

Also we are looking for contribution which are related to countries and culture. This may include travel experiences, articles relating to an interesting topic, or any other information which you may find interesting.

How to contact us
In order to contact us, fill out the form by clicking here. Select "Submit/suggest content" in the subject and propse us your idea. If you would like to have a phrase guide added to our site, let us know in the form, we will send you an Excel template to work with. For any other contribution, such as grammar guides, or an article, you may send this to us as an attachment. Please note that we will only accept documents in MS-Word format.

Once you have sent us your idea or article we will review this and send back our comments or notes, as well as our decision whether we would like to publish it or not. In case we would like to publish your article, we will send you a form which will allow us to publish your article with your prior consent. Any further questions can be handled after you have contacted us.


Please click here to fill out our contact form.

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