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Dutch: Links

General Links

Acht voor Taal - Interactive Dutch language course for beginners.
Amsterdam Phrasebook: Learn the Lingo - English to Dutch phrasebook, concentrating on expressions unlikely to be found in language guides for the family.
Are you in Dutch? - The word 'Dutch' in English, and Dutch words in English.
D4E (Dutch for English) Homepage - Mailing list on Dutch language learning and related items for English speakers.
Dutch for Beginners - Introduction to Dutch grammar and a basic vocabulary list classified by subject area.
Dutch for Travelers - Introduction to the Dutch language for English speakers. Lessons cover pronunciation and basic grammar (verbs, articles, adjectives, etc.), along with useful/common phrases for various situations (numbers, days/months, travel phrases, restaurant phrases, etc.).
Dutch for Travelers - Nederlands voor Reizigers - Basic words and expressions with soundfiles (Au format).
Dutch Studies Web: Literature and Language - Collection of links from the Dutch Studies Web.
Euromosaic - Dutch - Sociolinguistic survey of the use of Dutch (or Flemish) as a minority language in northern France, near the Belgian border. Collection of links. Bilingual site (English and French).
Famous Dutch Proverbs, Products, and Habits - Dutch proverbs and terms for cultural items and issues, with English translations.
Hebrew Words in Dutch (via Yiddish) - Article by Marco Schuffelen.
History of the Dutch Language - Extensive information offered by the Nederlandistik department of the University of Vienna in Dutch, German and English.
Introduction to the Dutch Language - Eleven lessons by Ruud Rietvink.
Learn Dutch - Well presented language course combining texts, pictures and sound, including forums and tests.
Onze Taal - Links to sites for foreign (beginning) students of Dutch.
Peter Large's Dutch Page - Articles, translated Dutch poems, and collection of links to Dutch language and culture sites.


Dutch - English On-line Dictionary - From the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 15,000 terms.
English - Dutch On-line Dictionary - From the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 15,000 terms.
John and Grayson's Dutch Dictionary - Personal reference by students studying Dutch.
Look WayUp English-Dutch Dictionary - Fixes spelling and translates the meaning, with definitions, related words, usage examples. 80,000 entries.
Online English to Dutch to English Dictionary - Java-driven translating word search.
The Alternative Dutch Dictionary - Dutch slang.
Woordenboek Organische Chemie - Organic Chemistry terminology. Written in Dutch with English option.


BestNetherlands.com - Netherlands directory with links to all related business websites in The Netherlands.

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