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French: Links


ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary - Bidirectional database of about 75,000 terms.
Basic Word List - English-French - Vocabulary for beginners. About 1000 entries.
Bilingual French-English Dictionary - Collaborative project hosted by Rennes University 1. General scope, bidirectional search capability, quiz for learners.
Cambridge Klett Compact, French-English - From Cambridge University Press, for learners. Also in print.
French Linguistics - One-way lookup (French-English) and downloadable educational games by Neil Coffey.
Semantic Atlas - Translation and synonym dictionary designed by the Lyon Institute for Cognitive Sciences (CNRS - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1). It provides a geometric model for representing the meaning of words.
The Probert Encyclopedia's English/French Dictionary - Multiple-page document of general scope. With bidirectional lookup, and plain translations.

Language Learning Schools

ALLEF - Association for Learning Languages en Famille - Children learn French through exchanges between the UK and France.
Alliance Francaise de San Francisco - Information on learning French in San Francisco including links to related language resources.
Anatomy of French Sounds - Commercial site advertising a program to learn French at home.
Association Canadienne d'éducation de Langue Francaise - Canadian French Language Education Association.
Béret Publications Inc. - Publisher of French teaching materials. Online ordering, information about scheduling presentations.
BusinessTalkFrance.com - Distance and immersion language training for professionals. English and French courses in Paris, London, and New York.
Canadian Parents for French Educational Opportunities - Details on this non-profit volunteer organization with links to French language education resources.
Centre d'Enseignement du Francais - Information on a program for Bible instruction through French studies. Includes program philosophy, contact details and other relevant information.
Champs-Elysées Audio Magazine - Publishers of monthly language courses for learning to speak French.
Conjuin - Java and non-Java versions of a reverse lookup online French verb conjugator.
Europa Pages - Large directory of schools and universities including regional introductions and details of French language exams.
Fluent French Audio Magazine - Information on a bimonthly subscription service for audiotapes of native speakers with links to sample downloads and ordering information.
French Courses in France - Addresses, information and program descriptions for all the institutes, universities and schools offering French courses for foreigners in France.
French in Action - Resources for teachers using "French in Action", a course based on the Capretz method from Yale University.
French Language - Help with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and phrases for students and travelers learning French, plus links to online courses and translations.
French on the Internet - Resource for learning and practicing French with related information on France and Francophone countries.
French: The Most Practical Foreign Language - Facts and figures arguing the case for the importance of learning French.
FrenchEducation.com - Interactive French language course for children and adults using audiocassettes, storybooks, activity boards, flashcards and musical CD's.
FrenchKey.com - Monthly intensive French course held in France, beginning on the 1st Monday of each month with private and group instruction.
FSL Activities with M. Renaud - French activities and resources for learners and teachers including tips for parents, links, online activities, printouts, games and songs.
Help with Beginning French - French instruction utilizing the Capretz method of learning from storytelling.
Le Devoir Conjugal - French conjugator for more than 7,000 verbs.
Learn How To Speak French - Language courses from Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone and the United States Foreign Service Institute.
Lingolex Learn French - Free bilingual, basic vocabulary lists useful for learners of French.
Listen and Speak Some French - Sound clips of basic phrases in RealAudio format.
Parler Parlor French-English Conversation Group - Conversation group hosted by Adrian Leeds and Elisabeth Crochard, held 3 times a week in Paris, France.
Parlo - Learn French with free online courses, foreign music, a cultural magazine, games, chat rooms and message boards. Includes resources for teachers.
PedagoNet - Bilingual website with search engine for locating French learning resources.
Rapports: Language, Culture, Communication - Collection of more than 300 links to French-language sites following the content of Rapports, a first-year university French textbook published by Houghton Mifflin.
Search Language.com
Vis-à-vis - Beginning French program with activities, study hints and professional resources.
Volterre-Fr: English and French Language Resources - Bilingual site for learning and teaching English and French as a foreign language.
Warning About Learning French at CIA France - Student's bad experience at one of France's busiest French schools for foreign adults.
WorldLink Education - Study French and Experience France - Summer courses and all year around study abroad programs at universities in Paris and Nice specialized in French language studies and teaching to foreign students.

Online Learning

A Beginner's Guide to French - Illustrated lessons covering grammar, vocabulary and culture.
Alphabet (ClicNet) - Practice your pronunciation of the French alphabet with the help of QuickTime audio.
Babilnet's French Courses - Live, real-time French courses by audio or video conferencing with a French teacher. Offers conversational French, French for business, exam preparation, text correction and free online courses.
BBC Education - Languages - French - Multimedia learning resources with Real Audio, Real Video, and Shockwave.
Fast and Frendly French for Fun - Online French course for beginners, including a "guided tour" of the material.
French Classes On-Line - Learn and speak French on the Net or on the phone to a teacher in France.
French for All at ALL Levels - Designed for students studying French at year 7, year 8, year 9, GSCE and 'A' levels.
French Language Course - Gain an understanding of written French with these lessons.
French Revision - Online French instruction with interactive lessons and exercises, aimed at students preparing for examinations in the United Kingdom.
Frenchassistant.com - Learn French online using the online random question generator and other online lessons.
FrenchClasses.com - Offers courses in beginners, intermediate and advanced french - backed by e-mail support from qualified teachers. Free trial.
French-Learning.com - 10 online lessons to improve your understanding of French and learn the basics.
John McCafferty's French Study Pages - Explanation and examples of verbs and common conversational phrases.
LanguageGuide: French - Pronunciation, conjugations, gender, an image based vocabulary guide, grammar resources and readings.
Learn French Online at Optimnem - Spatial learning strategies for beginner to intermediate-level French. Includes worksheets, native audio recordings and tutor support.
Quia! French Activities - Games and quizzes for learning French. Over 10 types of activities to choose from, including matching games, flash cards, hangman, trivia games, and quizzes.
realfrench.net - Internet resources for teachers and learners of French including grammar notes and exercises, messageboards, worksheets and links to related resources.
Reall Languages - Interactive online exercises in French.
STP CALL: French - Collection of French lessons online.
The French Tutorial - A free French tutorial, offering basic and intermediate lessons.
The Little Prince and the Fox - Quotes from The Little Prince, and simple French lessons for beginners.
theFloodlight - French Verbs - Java applets which conjugate French verbs.
Thematic French Lessons - Basic French lessons to learn simple spoken phrases. Themes include numbers, days and months.
Zut! - Interactive activities for French teachers and learners.

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