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German: Links

General Links

BBC: Languages: German - Includes courses, phrases, and travel information.
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm - Fairy tales are accompanied by marginal notes, vocabulary studies, and questions about the text.
Gene Moutoux's Home Page - Fairy tales and letters (correspondence) for intermediate students, as well as a course for beginners.
German Speech Errors - A list of several hundred common German speech errors with English glosses.
German Teaching Resources - Interactive exercises, jokes, tongue twisters, farmers' proverbs, language tips, software, and links.
GermanForTravellers - Free lessons and online courses with more than 1000 audio files.
Internet Resources for Germanists - Research tools, organizations, calendar of events and academic journals.
Intonation in German - A paper on pronunciation, including information on dialectal variations.
Learn German Online - Directory with links, tips, comments for self-study, and language learning material, including grammar, exercices, online courses, and music.
Learning German Experience - Advice and links on learning German. Also includes a series of basic lessons.
Linguastar - Offers German language tests and voice-chat for beginners and advanced learners. [English, German, Japanese, Korean]
Pravapis/German - Games and quizzes for enhancing vocabulary and learning grammar, as well as an assortment of relevant articles, tables, and links.
Resources and Links for German - A collection of resources for students and teachers.
Search Language.com
The Awful German Language - By Mark Twain. A satirical explanation of the difficulty of the language.
The Evolution of Early German - German 471 - Links and information about the origins and history of the language.
Web German - A center for learning with the Internet. Interactive exercises, audio files, literature, games, comics, news, fiction and other useful resources to help you learn online.
What You Need To Know About German Language - Language-learning tips and lessons and a library of links to resources on the Web.


Babylonia Computer Science Dictionary - Large glossary of computer terms for translation from English.
Basic Word List English - German - Two vocabulary lists with a total of about 1700 basic words.
Beilstein Dictionary - Two-way glossary of organic chemistry terminology.
Canoo.net German Dictionaries - Meta-search of several dictionaries and a linguistic glossary. Allows lookup of keywords, linguistic terms, and affixes, and compound words.
Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon - Categorized, searchable glossary featuring images.
Dict.cc - Two-way lookup with over 350,000 keywords. User contributions are encouraged.
English-German Dictionary - Online lookup.
English-German Dictionary of Common Computing Terms - Specialized, one-way word list.
English-German Idiom Dictionary - Searchable, alphabetized glossary of over 4400 phrases.
Excavation Dictionary - Specialized two-way dictionary for archaeologists. Browsable by first letter only.
Fisheries in the Northwest Atlantic: English-German - Focuses on inshore and deep-sea fisheries in the Northwest Atlantic. Entries are linked to photos, illustrations, and explanatory notes.
Foreign Language Master - Includes online Java and HTML versions as well as Windows and Amiga versions for download.
FreeDic - Birectional German-English dictionary with 240,000 terms covering the most common vocabulary. From publisher Sprachendienst. Requires JavaScript.
German - English Dictionary - Two-way word translator with about 165,000 entries and several search options. From the Chemnitz University of Technology.
German - English Music Dictionary - Glossary with over 1500 entries.
How to Swear in German - Glossary of insults and swear words with English translations and sound files.
LEO German/English Dictionary - Allows two-way searches for over 300,000 words and phrases. Several options available.
Leximax.com - Two-way word translator with over 170,000 words and idioms and several search options.
Library Glossary - Contains approximately 90,000 technical terms and abbreviations about libraries, books, and data processing.
LinguaDict - Allows two-way searches of over 512,000 entries. Includes several search options.
Online Dictionary: English to German - Word translators to and from English.
QuickDic - Two-way word translator with several options. Windows version available for download.
The Alternative German Dictionary - A glossary of slang and obscenities.
The New English-German Dictionary - Includes more than 190,000 translations, lists of strong verbs and abbreviations, and a Windows version for download.
Transgem - Technical online lookup which uses translated texts to provide corresponding meanings for words and phrases. Requires JavaScript.
US-Englisch.de - Glossary of abbreviations, geographical names, numbers, and expressions of time.
Writers University's German-English Dictionary - Small glossary including many vulgar phrases.


German Grammar Charts - A large collection of tables for quick and convenient reference.
German Language Course - Comprehensive, focusing especially on nouns and verbs.
The German Electronic Textbook - For helping people learn or review. Contains much information on mechanics, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

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