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German: Streaming audio

Our guide to German streaming audio provides links to German radio station which enables you to listen to the German language as it is spoken, and to discover some of the most populair German artists. This guide is designed for German living abroad, or for people who would like to learn the German langauge.

Antenne Brandenburg Adult contemporary 64 kbps
Bayern 1 Various 20 kbps
Eins Live Mainstream / Top 40 32 kbps
Hitmachine Mainstream / Top 40 48 kbps
Hit Radio N1 Dance 48 kbps
SFB 4 Ethnic 32 kbps
SWR 1 Adult contemporary 44 kbps
SWR 3 Adult contemporary 44 kbps
SWR Cont.Ra News 44 kbps
SWR Dasding Dance 44 kbps
Walkin' in Time Dance 32 kbps

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