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Italian: Links

General Links

Easy Italian - Brief introduction and overview of the Italian language with a pronunciation guide and basic grammatical information maintained by Dŕvid Uhlár i Escandell.
Italian Slang: Le Parolacce - An introduction to cursing, swearing, expletives and off-color phrases in Italian.
Italian Verbs - An automatic conjugator of all italian verbs. Typing an italian verb you will get a complete conjugation table.
Learn How To Speak Italian - Short survey of Italian, plus information on Italian language learning aids, from Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and the United States Foreign Service Institute.
Search Language.com
Type Italian characters online - Online text editor with buttons and keyboard shortcuts for typing Italian characters.


Christina's Gorgia Toscana Page - This site contains general information on the consonantal weakening occurring in central Italian (Tuscan) dialects. Includes a list of references, map, and an audio file.
Italian Dialect Links - Classified collection of links to Internet pages and resources (including dictionaries) dealing with Italian dialects.
Milanese Language - Orthography, pronunciation and grammar of this Gallo-Italic dialect.
Raixe Venete - Portal on the Veneto dialect of Italian as well as on the culture associated with it. Multilingual site.


Base Vergues : notion 3 - Multilingual Dictionary of Nautical Terms - Italian section. A remarkable tool, providing not only translation but also descriptions of nautical terms in the target language.
Dizionario tecnico INGLESE-ITALIANO dei termini fotografici - English-Italian photography terminology glossary. A valuable tool for specialists and researchers.
English-Italian On-line Dictionary - This dictionary database is from the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 3,700 terms.
Glossario Informatico - Give a traduction and a brief but complete explanation of each computer or Internet acronym, term, world. Useful for translating for English to Italian or reverse, or to read english books, magazines or instructions booklet.
Italian - English On-line Dictionary - This dictionary database is from the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 3,700 terms.
Marcello Napolitano's Italian Glossary List - Large collection of links to Italian dictionaries and glossaries in 22 categories.
Online English to Italian to English Dictionary - Translation search. Approximately 11,000 Italian terms, and 13,000 English terms.
Qaamuuska Xisaabta-English - Somali-English-Italian Online Mathematical Dictionary.
R-O-Matic Italian/English Dictionary - Basic Italian/English glossary with more than 1,600 terms. It is currently being updated. Interactive feature: users can help by adding new terms.
TermFinance - Finance and Economy Glossary available in Italian, French, English and German.
The Internet Picture Dictionary: Italian - Free, online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities for Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and ESL learners.
The LOGOS Dictionary - Free terminology database, constantly updated and reviewed by native translators. Featuring the impressive Wordtheque multilingual search facility.
Tourist's Italian Dictionary - Italian sentences for tourists.

Online Learning

About Homework Help - Italian Language - Resource for the Italian language includes a free online beginners course, grammar lessons, workbook exercises, vocabulary building drills, weekly newsletter, and hosted live chats.
Acquerello italiano - Bimonthly audiomagazine for students of Italian language and culture, available for online purchase.
Allan's Web Links - A portal with links to pages containing free instructional materials for learning Italian.
Auckland University Italian Distance Learning Course - Learn Italian at home. This online language course is offered by the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Centro Studi Italiani - Italian language books, exercises, readings on audio cassettes, and other instructional material to improve vocabulary, grammar, listening-comprehension, and pronunciation. Order on-line
Cyber Italian - Interactive Italian language course and links to sites on Italian culture, cinema, literature, art, and electronic conversation.
ICoN - Online degree-earning education in Italian and Italian culture.
Il Sito - Phrasebook, picture dictionary, and slide show for English speakers who want to learn Italian.
ILUSS - Italian Online - Teaching material on Italian, including tests, exercises, vocabulary, and grammar.
Impariamo - Free forum where you can meet people from around the world and share tips to improve your Italian language skills.
Italian for You (I4U) - Italian interactive courses on-line. Uses Flash, the web-based animation program. Eight levels, from basic to advanced. Online audio featuring native language speakers.
Italian Grammar and Homework Exercises - Packs of photocopy masters available for online purchase; suitable for use by students and teachers at all levels.
Italian Language Resources - Collection of links to Italian language teaching resources, from Middlebury College (Vermont).
Italy B&B - Collection of links to Italian language and culture resources.
LanguageTapes.com - Italian - The Pimsleur audio Italian Language Courses for secure online purchase.
Learning Italian on CD-ROM - A multimedia Italian CD-ROM available for online purchase, including Italian for beginners and everyday Italian. The CD contains over 6,000 words and phrases recorded by native speakers.
Oggi e Domani - A series of 20 online lessons in Italian. Includes a dictionary, grammar, and pronunciation guide.
Scuola Leonardo: Language Test - Includes tests for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Email required.

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