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General Links

All the Japanese Slang You Can Stand Too! - A slang resource for Japanese language enthusiasts interested in learning colloquial speech terminology.
Classical Japanese Language and Literature - This site teaches classical Japanese through poems and extracts from literary classics. Grammatical points are explained.
Discovery Information's Kanji Lessons - Free online kanji lessons and links to Japanese-related sites.
Gender Disctinction in Japanese - Essay on "Manifestations of Gender Distinction in the Japanese Language"
Japanese wa, mo, ga, wo, na, no - Scholarly study of the syntax of the six most common post-nominal particles in Japanese, by Frederik Kortlandt.
Japanese: The Spoken Language - This three-volume textbook series and accompanying interactive CD-ROM program stresses Japanese as it is spoken today in Japan.
Kanji Clinic - A column appearing every third Friday in The Japan Times aiming at providing practical advice to non-Japanese adults striving to become literate in Japanese by learning the 1,945 general-use kanji. It is written by Mary Sisk Noguchi, associate professor at Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan.
Kanji.com - Writings on the kanji character system.
Learning Japanese BBS - Web-based bulletin board system for learning Japanese.
Mainichi-Kanji - Introduces a new kanji on each weekday, with readings, meanings and examples. On weekends the week's kanji are reviewed. The site can be viewed on any computer, no Japanese fonts are required.
North Kyushu Creole - Long linguistic paper by John C. Maher concerning the derivation of Japanese from a creolized koiné, with its major sources from the Altaic and Austronesian language families.
Osaka Shoin Women's College - The Japanese Language Research Center.
Search Language.com
The Kanji Master Program - Site devoted to the study of kanji in the light of their history and place within Chinese and Japanese civilization.
The Origins of Kanji in Japan - The history of kanji and how it came to be used in Japanese writing.
Understanding Written Japanese - This Kanji Study Group website teaches written Japanese language for free. Indexed kanji references, quick look-ups, and primers on kanji, hiragana and katakana.


Analytica Japan: Glossary of Japanese Terms - Lexicon with 1,750 Japanese financial expressions and acronyms.
Basic Terms of Shinto - Kokugakuin University’s Web version of a 1958 illustrated Japanese-English dictionary.
Bidirectional English-Japanese Dictionary - Pacific Software Publishing’s EDICT server with kana or kanji Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (SJIS)
CJKV-English Dictionary - Charles Muller’s database of CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history. (UTF-8)
Compact Dictionary of Financial and Securities Markets - Katsuhiko Yamada's English-Japanese glossary. (EUC)
FOKS (Forgiving Online Kanji Search) - Slaven Bilac’s EDICT server with intelligent search that allows dictionary lookup even with misspellings or incorrect kanji readings. (EUC)
Glossary of Japanese Theatre Terms - Beta version of theatrical glossary.
Glossary of Sushi-Related terms - Japanese-English wordlist of food and cooking vocabulary.
Heartful English-Japanese Dictionary - Toyohashi University of Technology’s EDICT server with English to Japanese only. (EUC)
Honyaku Glossaries - Specialized wordlists from the Honyaku mailing list for Japanese translators: financial and marketing terms, romanized acronyms, Japanese car names, government agencies, and numbers. (UTF-8)
JAANUS (Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System) - Glossary compiled by Mary Neighbour Parent, with alphabetical index and keyword search. (SJIS)
Japanese Dictionary - EDICT and KANJIDIC server from Online-dictionary.biz with JavaScript romanized-kana Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (UTF-8)
Japanese-English Dictionary Portal - University of Virginia's EDICT server. Input any Web page URL and highlight words or phrases for dictionary translation. (EUC)
JEDI (Japanese-English Dictionary Interface) - Kyoto Notre Dame University’s EDICT server with kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (EUC)
Jeffrey's Japanese?English Dictionary Server - Jeffrey Friedl and William Maton's customizable EDICT and KANJIDIC server with kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese, allowing fuzzy searching by word patterns. (JIS, SJIS, EUC, GIF)
jeKai Japanese-English dictionary - Tom Gally’s ongoing project to build a free, open Japanese-English dictionary with translation equivalents, illustrations, and examples. (SJIS)
JiWORDS (Japanese info on WORDS) - The National Institute for Japanese Language’s server using Sanseido Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries. (GIF)
Jonsay's English-Japanese Dictionary - Hyperlinked wordlists arranged into semantic categories. (UTF-16)
Kanji Dictionaries for Learning Japanese - The Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society’s site for NTC/Kenkyusha’s New Japanese-English Character Dictionary and The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary. (GIF)
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary - Stephen Ryner’s KANJIDIC server with radical-indexed kanji Japanese to English, and clickable kanji hyperlinks. (SJIS)
LSD (Life Science Dictionary) Project - Online dictionary including over 39,000 English terms extracted from the MEDLINE database with definitions, Japanese translations, example sentences, and concordances. Also provides an EDICT server for English to Japanese glosses of Web pages or text, and an English spell-checker. (SJIS)
Nihongo Resources Dictionaries - EDICT and KANJIDIC server with auto-detection of English and kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese input. Allows wildcard searches. (EUC)
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary - JavaScript EDICT server from Freedict.com with romanized Japanese to English and English to romanized Japanese. (GIF)
Online English-Japanese Dictionaries - Free Light Software’s glossaries of geography and travel, history and traditions, manga and video games, and politics and media. (GIF)
Onomatopoetic English-Japanese Dictionary - Glossary with English and Japanese indexes. (GIF)
POPjisyo Dictionaries - JavaScript mouseover EDICT server with Japanese to English and English to Japanese pop-up readings and translations for Web pages or text. Can also generate study lists and word games. (UTF-8)
Rikai - Todd David Rudick’s EDICT server with JavaScript mouseover dictionary tools in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Read text or Web pages with pop-up readings and translations. (EUC)
Saikam Online Dictionary - National Institute of Informatics’ EDICT and KANJIDIC server with kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese-Thai-English and Thai-Japanese dictionaries. (EUC)
Spencer's Japanese-English Dictionary - EDICT and KANJIDIC server with kana, radical-indexed kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (SJIS)
The Counting Dictionary - Guide to Japanese counters or measure words, indexed by kanji, word, and semantic categories.
The EDICT (Japanese-English Dictionary) Project - Jim Breen’s freely available Japanese dictionary file compiled through the Internet, which currently includes 106,000 entries. Including related files, such as KANJIDIC and KANJD212 with kanji characters, and JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) with French and German entries, there are over 550,000 entries total. (UTF-8)
Tokyoahead Kanji Dictionary - KANJIDIC server with radical-indexed kanji Japanese to English. (UTF-8, registration required.)
Translation Tools from Mizuho Securities - Glossaries covering accounting, banking, economics, finance, taxation, politics, institutions, etc. (UTF-8)
Your Name in Japanese - Converts foreign names into Japanese kana, with seven different graphic styles, using Philip A. Ronan’s dictionary file with 3,700 names. (PNG image)


Auralog-TeLL me More Japanese - [Win] A commercial Japanese learning method.
Declan's Japanese Language Software - [Win] Commercial software that teaches kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Also available are audio flashcards software and an English-Japanese dictionary.
Drill The Kanji - An on-line Java flashcard program for studying and testing on kanji, including reading (on-yomi, kun-yomi) and meaning tests.
Gakusoft - [Win]Maker of KingKanji, a shareware Japanese / Kanji flashcard program.
gjiten - [Unix] A Japanese dictionary for Linux/Gtk, including Japanese to English, English to Japanese and Kanji.
JavaSensei - [Java] Free application for trainining the Japanese kana characters (hiragana and katakana).
jBrowse - Japanese Translation IE Plugin - [Win] A free plugin for Internet Explorer that injects furigana (phonetic hints) and word definitions in English into Japanese web pages.
JquickTrans - [Win] Software for learning Japanese and using it on their PCs.
Kana Sensei - [Win/MS-DOS] Japanese Language teaching software for beginners.
KanaSensei - Small java applet that facilitates learning of Japanese.
Kanji Gold - [Win] Japanese kanji program.
Kanji Trainer Penpen - [Win] A freeware Japanese kanji and/or Chinese hanzi study game, similar to Tetris.
KanjiQuick - A kanji dictionary software for Windows giving including 6500 Japanese characters and 47.000 compounds. Supports handwriting and animated stroke order display.
LexiKAN - Maker of flashcard software for learning to write and read Japanese Kanji and Kana.
Minddate Software - [Win] Kanji lookup and flashcard organizer software.
MOJI - A Japanese dictionary integrated to the Mozilla Firebird browser. Provides translations into English, French or German and includes a Kanji dictionary.
QuickScholar.com - [Win] Software to help you learn Japanese, focusing on hiragana, katakana and kanji.
The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive - A list of lots of Japanese educational software - includes JWP, a freeware Japanese word processor.
WaKan - Dictionary, Editor and Vocabulary - Freeware tool for Japanese and Chinese language learners for Windows. Includes character dictionary, word dictionary, editor with kanji conversion, printing (kanji cards, vocabulary, text with furigana), and vocabulary manager.

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