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Portuguese: Links

General Links

Brazilian Portuguese - Minilessons in grammar and everyday phrases. Searchable site; also reading resources, sound files, and links.
Fale Português (Speak Portuguese) - Brazilian Portuguese learning page designed for English speakers, with a short language course, essays and cultural information.
Notes on European Portuguese - Includes notes on the linguistic development of Portuguese, and a Brazilian-Portuguese dictionary.
Núcleo Interinstitucional de Lingüística Computacional - Research projects on computational linguistics, with a focus on Portuguese, and with an extensive bibliography. Some listings are linked to full-text downloadable article files. The project is managed by a team at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.
Portuguese Grammar - Phonetics, grammar and exercises with answers. Portuguese-language site. Author: J. João Campagnaro.
Portuguese Idioms Literally Translated - Compiled, translated, and explained in English by Tágide Crista.
Search Language.com
The Portuguese Language - Language, history, and evolution


English - Portuguese On-line Dictionary - From the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 15,000 terms.
F. A. Pinto - Railroad Track Dictionary Page - The Track Dictionary, is a compiled 100 page work of Mr.Castello Branco (formerly a Flumitrens Engineer) and which probably covers most of track railroad terms and definitions used in nowadays subways and railroads maintenances. So far, is probably the only official translation between English and Portuguese in this field.
FLiP On-line Portuguese Spell Checker - Spell checks Portuguese texts by either European or Brazilian standards. Also offers a CD product with grammar checker, thesaurus and hyphenator.
Online English to Portuguese to English Dictionary - Java-powered word translation search.
On-line Portuguese Language Dictionary - Includes a Portuguese grammar and a verb conjugator.
Portuguese - English On-line Dictionary - From the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 15,000 terms.

Online Learning

Brazilian Portuguese Private Lessons - Personal and web-based tutoring by Vera Lúcia Forti Donnelly, based in San Diego County, California.
FalePort - Free online Portuguese course, with audio files, texts, songs and exercises.
Portuguese Language Learning - From Suite101.com.
Portuguese Online: Learn to Speak THE Romance Language - A full online course with lessons, wav file sounds, and references.
Short Portuguese Lessons - A brief introduction to the Portuguese language.


Ad Verbum - Translation, localisation and editing in several languages. Based in Lissabon, Portugal.
Altraduz - Translation in Portuguese, German and English.
Australian Translators - Translation in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. Co-operative Chrys and Helena Chrystello, based probably in Portugal.
Carla Ball - Translations of web pages, press releases, international business, computer software, legal documents, culinary, from English and Spanish into Portuguese.
Cláudia Anselmo - Translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Delta Lingua - Translation in Portuguese, in the legal, advertising, automotive and IT fields.
Fernando Heleno & Associates - Translations to and from any European Language by native speakers.
GT - Traducoes - Translation, interpreting and language teaching of major European languages.
Hotkey - Translation in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German.
Monica Machado - Translation in the automotive, oil and gas, HSE and printing equipment fields.
PanLuso Translations - Translations in English-Portuguese-French. English-German also available.
Pluridioma - Translation and subtitling services.
Regina Afonso - Translation agency based in Portugal that translates from English, Spanish, and French into European Portuguese.
Sintagma Traduções, Limitada - Based in Lisbon, provides translation services for the areas of multimedia, subtitling, technical and interpretation.
Sintraweb - Translation in most European languages.
Traducta - Translation, localisation, terminology management and interpreting in Portuguese and other languages.
Trexplica - Translations to and from Portuguese, English, German, Polish, Dutch, and Russian. Located in Lisbon, Portugal.
Van Osch Translation Services - Portuguese translation services in English, French, and Dutch. Located in Portugual.
Verena's Language Service - Language services in German, French, English, and Portuguese. Located in Cabanas de Tavira, Portugal.

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