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Portuguese: Phrases > In trouble

The sentences presented in this section will help you with the most basic expressions in Portuguese. It will certainly not be enough in order to start a conversation in Portuguese, however being able to say a few words in the country's native language will evoke sympathy and understanding.

Quite some people in Portugal and Brasil speak English quite well as a second language, however only in the larger cities. Still you are advised to purchase a language course before traveling.

Is there a problem? Há um problema?
I didn't know. Eu não soube.
Help! Ajuda!
Quickly, call 112. Rapidamente, chamada 112.
Call the police. Chame as polícias.
Call an ambulance. Chame uma ambulância.
Call the fire brigade. Chame o brigade de fogo.
I am sick. Eu sou doente.
My wallet / bag is stolen. Meus carteira / saco é roubada.
Where is the police station / hospital? Onde está a estação de polícias/hospital?
I am (not) insured. Eu não seu segurado
Am I being arrested? Eu estou sendo prendido?
I want a lawyer. Eu quero um advogado.
I need a translator. Eu necessito um tradutor.
Go away, or I'll scream. Parta, ou eu gritarei.

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