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Spanish: Links

General Links

Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation - Categorical links to .au files.
Cervantes' Consonants - Article on the pronunciation of consonants in Cervantes' works, from an article by Daniel Eisenberg in the Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America.
Círculo Hispanofilipino Links - List of links related to the Círculo hispanofilipino.
Comp-jugador - Spanish verb conjugator.
Determine your Spanish Level - A short online Spanish level test from Elemadrid language school.
Easy Spanish - Brief introduction and overview of the Spanish language, with a pronunciation guide and basic grammar.
Historical Corpus of Spanish - Searchable 100 million word database includes 20 million words from the 1200s-1400s, 40 million from the 1500s-1700s, and 40 million from the 1800s-1900s.
IMDb: Spanish - Guide to Spanish language movies, search or browse the titles alphabetically.
Search Language.com
Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies - Documents and texts related to the study of Portuguese and Spanish historical linguistics.
Spain - Primary Documents - Primary documents from the Eurodocs collection including facsimilies and translations.
Spanish Guide - Collection of links to lessons, reference materials and other resources for learning Spanish.
Spanish Language Movies - A web site created by a professor with a list of his recommendations of Spanish films for students to consider watching.
Spanish Resources - Links to Spanish and English sites about Spanish language and cultures.
Spanish Verb Conjugator - Online conjugator provided by the Elemadrid language school.
Webspanol - Spanish language resources, penpal exchange, chat and message boards and online tests.
Xerox MLTT Language Tools Spanish Demonstration - Interactive tools which perform tokenization, morphological analysis and part-of-speech disambiguation.


Canary Island Spanish - Paper on the phonetics, lexicon and syntax of the dialect spoken in the Canary Islands.
Chilean Spanish Guide - Eric Canfield outlines dialectical differences in the Chilean grammar and vocabulary. Includes cultural information and links.


Business English Spanish Glossary - Bilingual site, with bidirectional translations of 8,000 business-related terms.
COES: Herramienta Linguística de Libre Distribución para la Lenguage Espanola - Set of data files that implements a Spanish (castellano) dictionary with 52,000 roots (approx.) and their derivated forms. Includes Spanish spelling dictionary. Based on Unix tool ispell. Distributed under GNU "General Public License of the Free Software Foundation".
Comparative CyberLexicon - Ciber Léxico Comparativo - Compilation of English terminology peculiar to computer culture and technology and its equivalents in Spanish. Eng-Spa-Eng
Diccionario de terminología informática unificada - 113 terms compiled by Computer Science Students at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. English to Spanish. Valuable list of false friends.
Diccionarios.com - Bidirectional translations between Spanish and: English, French, German, and Catalan. Requires cookies, JavaScript, and a 4.0 or later browser.
Directory of Spanish English, English Spanish Dictionaries - List of Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionaries and translators on the web by an experienced native professor and useful Spanish links.
English-Spanish Dictionary - 60,000 entries. Wildcards accepted. Definition brings up links to each word in definition but not necessarily all in dictionary. System by Gleb Beliakov.
English-Spanish Dictionary for Translating IEPs - A dictionary of public school and special education terminology, for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
English-Spanish Word List of Common Computing Terms - Very few basic words.
Geology and Mining Technical Terms - Glossary of geology, mineral surveys, and mining engineering from English to Spanish.
Glossary-guide for Translating Husserl - Multilingual, a guide for translating works by Edmund Husserl, into Spanish.
IFCC - Diccionario inglés-espanol de Ciencias de Laboratorio Clínico - Clinical Laboratory Sciences. English-spanish dictionary. Impressive bibliography and list of participant authorities. Downloadable in different versions: ASCII text, Windows, Word Perfect.
IFLA Glossary - English-Spanish database of terminology used by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
LookWAYup English to Spanish dictionary - Bidirectional English to Spanish dictionary, with definitions and thesaurus. Corrects spelling including accents.
Online Engish to Spanish to English Dictionary - Search for word translations between English and Spanish. Approximately 20,000 terms in each language.
Online Spanish Thesaurus - Thesaurus with spell checker and verb conjugations.
Spanish Dictionary - Bidirectional Spanish and English dictionary with audio pronunciation of the words.
Spanish Macintosh-only Dictionaries and Lessons - Downloadable programs, shareware. Spanish nouns, English Spanish dictionary, German Spanish. Also includes many other languages.
SpanishHabitat's English to Spanish dictionary - Browseable and searchable English to Spanish dictionary.
Spengster - A downloadable bidirectional (Spanish/English) translator for Windows, and free email.
Technical English - Spanish Vocabulary - A technical vocabulary useful in helping the students, technicians and engineers to overcome the difficulties of translating from English into Spanish.
The Probert Encyclopedia's English/Spanish Dictionary - Multiple-page document of general scope. With bidirectional lookup, and plain translations.
Tomísimo - Spanish and English Dictionary - Provides two-way searches, organizing results by relevancy. Allows wildcards. Accepts new words and phrases into the growing corpus of over 11,000 translations.
Travlang's English-Spanish Dictionary - A searchable dictionary which gives translations between English and Spanish words.
Universidad de Oviedo - Diccionario de Inglés - Espanol - English to Spanish (only) interface linked to Webster's for English definitions and a good Spanish dictionary for definitions

Online Learning

5Muses.com - Flexable online audio Spanish vocabulary that you can customize to meet your needs.
All Info About the Spanish Language - Resources for all levels of Spanish speakers, including a special section for beginners, lessons, quizzes, sound files, word of the day, question-and-answer forum, and translation links.
Allexperts Spanish Language Q&A - Volunteer tutors answer one-on-one questions about the Spanish language.
Anacleta's Spanish and World Language Links - Language and culture links for children, parents, and teachers.
Another Free Spanish Site - Grammar, free tests, phrases, links.
Aula Diez - Interactive language courses and tutorials by native Spanish teachers, interactive exercises, level tests.
AulaWorld.org - Resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers.
BarrioEarth - Online community for foreign language students and world travelers who wish to expand their social and professional reach.
Better Spanish Every Day - Learn, improve and practise Spanish with 1 to 7 emails per week and several free resources.
Cela's Free Online Spanish Lessons - Texts and tests for all levels and material for teachers, from a Spanish-language school in Venezuela.
Culturalia - Learn Spanish online reading Don Quixote with different voices.
El Tutor de Bangkok - Collection of Spanish learning resources on the web.
Elementary Spanish Curriculum - Resource for anyone interested in creating or enhancing a program of their own.
English to Spanish - Offering assessment tests of how many Spanish words one knows, as well as resources to dictionaries and translation services.
EspanOle! - Resource site for Spanish teachers and students, and Hispanics with pages dedicated to foods, countries, language, music, art, people, history and other resources.
Flirting in Spanish - Contains sound clips, grammar tips, vocabulary you really need and short tests.
Free Spanish Online Tutorial - Learn Spanish online. This site contains a free tutorial with audio, cultural notes, a random idiom generator, a list of Spanish schools, and links to other helpful sites.
Free Spanish Word of the Mouth - Helpful tool about Spanish grammar and how use it and avoid mistakes. It is suitable for all levels.
Hands on Spanish Lessons - Page for the teaching of practical, conversational Spanish. Includes sound files and simple grammatical explanations. Possibility of e-mailing questions to a college Spanish instructor.
Hojas e Ideas Para la Clase de Espanol - A collection of exercises and activities to accompany the video series, La Catrina, and the reader, La Gran Aventura de Alejandro.
Instituto Cervantes - Internet based educational infrastructure set up to provide Spanish courses.
Jergas de Habla Hispana - Spanish Slang - Slang and colloquialisms from every Spanish-speaking country, including "Spanglish".
Justo Lamas Magazine - Catalog of products for Sapnish teaching:posters, grammar books, stickers, CDs, room decor, big banners, learning charts.
Knowledge Hound's Spanish How-To Guides - A comprehensive listing of free online Spanish tutorials and tips, from pronunciation to reading instruction.
Learn 20 to 30 Spanish Words per Hour - Online course using the "Photographic Mind" to picture words in Spanish - includes an example of this Accelerated Learning technique.
Learn Spanish - A grab-bag of useful information about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and idiom.
MIT Libraries: Foreign Language News: Spanish - Linked access to Spanish Language News and Magazines on the WWW.
Multilingual Center - Real time Spanish classes via Telephone and Internet at the same time.
Musical Spanish - Includes sample lessons, animations, mp3s, Latin music lyrics and videos, audio books and software for learning Spanish.
Online Materials for Spanish - Classified list of links to sites concerning the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.
Online Spanish Lessons 4 Children - Interesting and fun activities to help children in the Spanish language acquisition process. Ongoing story - with translated version, vocabulary, interactive games, exercises, word games
Platiquemos Means Let's Talk: Learning Spanish in the US or Abroad - Advice, classes, self-study materials and resources for the serious Spanish language learner. Program adapted from Foreign Service Institute, free beginner lessons, classes in U.S. and Mexico.
Resources and Forums in Spanish - A community for anyone studying the language or interested in the cultures of the spanish speaking countries. This site has a strong focus of interest in the language and culture in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.
Sí, Espana - Information on Spanish culture, including a section on the languages of Spain.
SpaniCity - Free online Spanish lessons: grammar, sounds, reference material, dictionary and quizzes.
Spanish Cow - Interactive Spanish drills for learning syntax and grammar.
Spanish for Law Enforcement - Books, links, and resources for learning Spanish, tailored to police use in the US. Includes Spanish versions of "Miranda Rights", to be read to suspects before being arrested.
Spanish Games and Lesson Plans - Offering free lesson plans that provide activities and fun games to learn Spanish.
Spanish Grammar Book by Elemadrid - Grammar book that presents the main structures of the Spanish language in compact form.
Spanish Grammar Exercises - Well organized collection of Spanish grammar exercises, with some sound files.
Spanish Language - Net resources, articles and study guides on the Spanish language. From About.com.
Spanish Language Help - Free interactive Spanish grammar and vocabulary exercises and tutorials. Also features virtual verb conjugation and vocabulary flashcards.
Spanish Language Learning Resources - Offers dictionaries, vocabulary, grammar, and the opportunity to chat with a Spanish teacher.
Spanish Made Easy - Offers free Spanish lessons to native English speakers. Includes basic phrases, and a word of the day to build vocabulary.
Spanish Musical Learning Forum - Discussion group for students, teachers, and language enthusiasts interested in exchanging information and ideas about learning languages through music. Emphasis on Spanish, but other languages are welcome.
Spanish Phrases - Common phrases, slang, and links.
Spanish Phrases with Audio - Some basic sentences accompanied by an audio clip recorded by a native Spanish speaker.
Spanish Pronto! - Page designed to provide a quick start in learning Spanish. Includes Spanish grammar and vocabulary essentials; reading practice, and a list of annotated links.
Spanish Romance - Resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers.
Spanish Teaching - Weblog for teachers of Spanish language and students. Spanish lessons, resources and travel tips for travelling to Spain or Latin america.
Spanish Verb Conjugator Trainer - A javascript tool to practice the present tense, preterite and subjunctive forms of the most important basic and irregular Spanish verbs, plus a list of links to more exercises on these topics.
Spanish Verb Forms - Search and conjugate Spanish verbs online.
Spanish Verb Tense Book and International Page - A Spanish tense tutorial of sorts.
Spanish Web Page - Class notes and study guides from Albritton Junior High, North Carolina, US.
Spanish Writing Guide - A list of problem words and expressions for the beginning Spanish speaker and writer.
spanish.cc - Basic translations, flash cards and other Spanish learning resources.
SpanishNet College - Spanish language classes on the Internet at every level and for different professional subjects. Day and evening online classes. Audio and text classrooms available. Certificates of study provided.
Speak Shop - Spanish lessons via webcam with teachers from Guatemalan Spanish schools trained to teach online.
Speakspanish.com - Information portal and community offering free services and programs to learn the language.
SpeakTeacher.com - Online Spanish lessons with voice chatroom, resources to practice,free trial.
Tecla - Magazine for students and teachers of Spanish.
Tremendo - A forum for all the people who want to practise their Spanish.
Web Spanish Tutor - Provider of online courses for a fee. Provides sample lessons, placement test.

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